A few days ago, I received a  message from the travel blogger Aaron Beaudry at www.middleclasstraveler.com and he notified me that he has nominated me for the Liebster Award 2016! So what is the Liebster Award 2016 you may ask? Well, the Liebster award is an online award that is given to bloggers from other bloggers! The 2016 Liebster Award also only exists on the internet and by accepting this award I am required to nominate 5 other bloggers!

1. What was the first time you remember traveling and what made it memorable?

Ahh…I think it was at the age of 4 or 5 that my parents took me with them. It was during our summer holidays and we went to Zakynthos, an island to the Ionian sea. The trip was a bit of rough for me. We had to travel by car, then take a boat for a while and then back to the car again for one more hour driving.


2. What is one place that you could travel to over and over again?

I live and I come from Greece. My country is not so big but still I have not seen it all. So, I think that I would choose Greek at least till the time I will be in every place, village, and town of it!


3. If you suddenly got an unlimited travel budget but could only go to 1 destination, where would you go?

If I was on my own or with my wife, I would say a luxury cruise to the Carribean! But I think that my daughter would choose a trip to Disneyland! Of course, we would have a great time in Disneyland all together!

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4. What is your favorite travel memory?

With no doubt, I would say the train trip we took in Switzerland, from Geneva to the chocolate factory of Nestle aka Maison Cailler in Broc. The amazing landscapes you see on the way will stick in your mind for good! It was like you were crossing the fairy land!


5. Do you prefer solo travel, group travel or traveling with a buddy?

The last few years I love to travel with my wife and our daughter even though the first time all of us abroad will be on January to Switzerland. My wife is my best travel buddy and whenever I am up for a travel she is there to pack our bags!


6. Where are you headed next and what are you most excited about going there?

Next stop: SWITZERLAND! Basel for sure and from there we will try to see as many places as we can! For sure we will pay a visit to Germany next door and of course to Alps for snowboarding!


7. Have you ever lived in a different country? If yes, where, what was the best part of it and would you do it again? If no, is there a reason you haven’t or a place that you want to live in?

No I haven’t. I live in Greece since my birth. I think that the reason I have never left is because I love my country very much! If I had to choose I think that I would go for a Scandinavian country, Sweden, Norway or Denmark probably, or maybe to Canada! I know that the living standards in these countries are extremely high and I want to take a taste of that!

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8. What is your favorite way to pass the time on long buses, planes & trains?

Music on my tablet and some reading. I cannot watch a video or a movie because I get so dizzy! I choose my book in advance. Most of the times I like to read a story by Stephen King or Dean Koontz or something like that! As for the music, most of the times I prefer Greek music to relax and and to sleep for a while


9. Do you have any special travel routine for before, after or during a trip? If so, what is it?

Usually, my wife takes care of almost everything. I arrange the transportation and the accommodation. Maria packs everything. The only thing I prepare is my camera. I charge the batteries, format the memory cards, pack my tripod and I am ready to go!




I am now supposed to nominate 5 blogs for this award and the 5 I have chosen are:

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  4. Eclectic Binge
  5. The RTW Guys




  1. The Liebster Award has been around. It’s a great concept in that it uses networking strategies to spread itself… But that does not take away the questions you answered here. I especially like the part where your wife packs everything. I am guessing, if you tried to offer help, she would tell you to go away and not to make more mess. 🙂

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