Zurich at a glimpse!Is it worth?

Following my previous posts about our trip to Switzerland, I thought that it is time to write something about Switzerland πŸ™‚

Our last stay was in Zurich, where we stayed at one of the Ibis hotels where we paid 100 Euros ( maybe the cheapest we found in the city!).

Zurich is a city that RESPECTS its inhabitants and its visitors. Most noteworthy, the public transport system is one of the best in the world. This is something I saw it with my own eyes. Due to that, there is no way to wait for your transport more that 5 minutes.

Outside the rail station. There was a tram passing by every 45 seconds!


The streets were totally clean of garbage, while in Greece this is not so common. There are many restaurants and pubs virtually in every corner of the city. I have to say though that we did not see many people walking around. Maybe because we were there on a week day and during bussiness hours…

Snapshot outside of a train station

I saw many open space places, like big squares. It has to be really cool to sit there on sunny days by the river enjoying the sun!

A huge space in a square right by the river. I love the look of the buildings

While we were walking on the narrow streets of the city, we bumped into a huge and really beautiful church. We did not have the time to see it properly, so I sneaked insideΒ  just to take some photos. It was worth all the trouble πŸ™‚

That is a huge church indeed!
Some people were praying, so I had to be extra careful with my shoots…

I can only imagine how pretty it has to be during spring and summer having a cruise. The river is ideal to see the city on a boat, spending a few hours of quality time.

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Look at this lovely small dock!

While the night was coming, the city was more appealing before my eyes.Therefore,Β  I saw the opportunity for some great night shots, and I just took it.

Another thing that I was impressed with was the size of the train stations. Everywhere we’ve been they were huge and looked like shopping malls! Like the one in Zurich

A look in the interior of the station


In conclusion, the city of Zurich is extremely expensive for most of us yet, the places you will get to see will compensate you.


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  1. I plan to visit Switzerland soon! Its great to know that their transport system is excellent. As a tourist it’s very important for me to visit cities where transportation isn’t a hassle.

  2. I’ve always heard mixed things about Swiss cities, especially Zurich. “Boring” is the normal term people use, so it’s neat to hear from someone who liked the place. I think your night shots are by far the best–perhaps we should all visit at night?

    • I just love night photography. The people is less, the noise is less and I can concentrate to find the best spot and frame my pictures!

  3. Yes Zurich was overwhelming for me too. Everything so grand and posh. I did walking tour of the old part and sculptures and buildings really looked good. The cow model in one of the balconies there fascinated me so much.

  4. Zurich seems to be a beautiful, clean city with good transport system. I loved your night pictures. They are beautifully captured.

  5. Technically, I’ve been in Zurich for exactly two hours in between flights. I would love to go back and visit it properly, and your photos of it are absolutely gorgeous. But I share your impression, it’s certainly not the cheapest place to visit.

  6. In a brief visit to the city, I fell in love with its pristine surroundings. Your pictures reminded me of how charmed I was with that church near the Zurich Lake and the lovely flea market that was on .

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