Last week I was In Switzerland. I have heard many good things about a small town in France, Colmar. So I planned a visit to there. I was staying in Basel and by train Colmar was about a 45 minutes commute.

It is a small town and as we visited it on a week day, it was very quiet. The weather was great, with a huge sun above our heads but the temperature around -5! Despite the cold, we started to walk towards the city centre. The city was exactly as I though it would be. Like a fairytale!

Bulidings so pretty, that at the first glance you get the feeling they are fake! They are made out of thick paper and they serve their purpose as a stage for a movie or a musical! I had to touch the wall of a building like this just to make sure it is real 🙂

The part of the old town is paved with beautiful small stones that fit in the whole enviroment giving an extra pinch of magic to the scenery! The presence of the river makes it even more attractive.

The best place in the town is the Little Venice. As you can see in the picture above, you can understand why! Picturesque houses with amazing and vivid colo

rs next to the canal is the dream of every photographer for unforgettable pictures!

It was so quiet that you could hear the water running to every corner of the town. I love rivers and canals especially in such a way like it is in Colmar. It was very usefull for my pictures.

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It took us around 2 hours to see the old town, but our pace was really a slow one! We stopped in every street to grab many photos, as we do not have places like this back in Greece

It is a real structure, had to touch it to be sure!

We bumped into a public market with local and traditional goodies like food, drinks and cutlery. Everything seemed very tasty and the prices were really good I can say!


I am sure that a visit during spring or summer will be even better. The blooming flowers will be a delight for the eyes of the visitors as well as the smell of them!

By looking the following picture, I can only imagine how nice it would have been to spend your Christmas holidays here!

Somebody forgot to take off the christmas decoration!


That’s it! We spend a lot of time to the Museum of Toys. My next post will be about that visit.


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  1. I’ve heard about this little city, good things, for some time now, but haven’t gotten there. In particular, I heard it was quite known for its wine, or perhaps the wine region in which it sits. Any good tastings there?

    • Yes it is actually famous for the wines of Alsacia. I brought back some bottles but I have not opened them yet. When I’ll do it, I will have a post about it 🙂

  2. WOW what a beautiful little town – it actually looks a lot like some small German towns. Love the river running through it. We are not far from there now we might have to go take a peek! I love the house with all the hearts! Thank you for sharing

  3. I like your picture of the Little Venice canal. The sunlight looks as if it was quite warm. Can’t think it was -5 degrees. And yes I also think that the place will look gorgeous during Xmas time 😀 Such a nice town!

  4. This town looks so quaint and quiet! I love visiting places like this when I travel because they give you such a different pace of life. Love it!

  5. Colmar is absolutely stunning! It really does look like something out of a fairy tale. I agree that it would be nice to go back with the flowers blooming in spring or summer. Hope to get there someday!

  6. This reminds me of Strassbourg! The facades and waterways so similar.
    The Christmas decorations make it look all the more attractive.

  7. merci d’aimer cette si belle ville , aussi belle en hiver au moment de Noel , au printemps , avec ses décorations de pâques et bien sure en été avec tout ces géraniums . vous m’avez tirer quelques petites larmes a vous lire .
    vous êtes tous les bienvenus dans notre belle région , je suis fière d’être Alsacienne .

  8. Colmar looks so quaint, kind of like the village in Beauty and the Beast. But I love Paris and would live to visit a smaller, less touristy part of France that is so close to Switzerland. Thanks!

  9. Absolutely love the architecture of this town. So beautiful. Thanks for an awesome write up will have to add this to my list of places to visit one day.

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