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One of the best things of my trip to Switzerland last week was the visit to The Museum Of Toys. Situated in the middle of this small town, it is virtually impossible to miss it, with all the signs pointing to it. To be frankly, it was not in my top priorities…Museum of toys? Come on now, I am 37 years old…My daughter has heard me though talking about it so, we could not miss it. Thank God! Our one-hour stay there was magnificent! I realized that I was looking for excuses not to leave 🙂

Hence the reasons for that.

You will see toys that exist or used to exist in the last 200 years or so. You can see how the children of the 19th century used to have fun. Actually, you realize how much the toys industry has changed dramatically within 2 centuries…

That’s a big miniature!

The most impressive exhibit was the train miniatures! There were too many, and not only trains. There were train stations, towns, people waiting for the train, or doing simple every day stuff! I was speechless!


The amount of details was breathtaking, and you can only imagine how many hours someone spent in order to compete this. I admire this kind of people.


It was not so crowdie as we were there on a week day and I could take my time to have my photos like the way I wanted to.


The cost of the ticket is 5 €, which I consider a very good price, and children under the age of 8 have a free admission.

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There are 2 floors plus the ground floor full of toys for boys and girls. It was cool when I saw some toys that made my childhood a really sweet memory 🙂

Remember the movie?
80s were awesome 🙂

If you are a fan of Star Wars, then one more reason to find yourself there!


I saved the best fact for the end… a huge lego Universe! With land, sea, people, workers, vehicles…


In conclusion, it was very entertaining and worth the time we invested, as we had only a few hours to spare in this place… The employees in the reception were really helpful and a lady that was in the toys room was helping young children to understand and get to know the way that their parents and grandparents used to have fun as children…

Totally a grand recommendation for the Museum of Toys…


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