Travel And Save Money: 5 Beautiful Affordable Places To Visit


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to go and explore the world. Going out there, always a little bit further, crossing the borders and feeling the freedom of being a complete stranger with many adventures to experience.
Unfortunately, sometimes there are obstacles that stop us, and budget is almost always on the top of the list. But what if I tell you there’s still a way to travel, at low cost, even when the economy is giving you a headache.
In this article I got you covered. Read along and discover the wonderful destinations you probably didn’t know you can visit on a low budget.


Fortunately, this amazing country is still a top destination where you can travel broadly and eat well for so little. For delicious food try Mumbai’s street stalls full of puris and kebabs. If you want to see the golden sand of the endless desert hop on a train to Jaisalmer, or if you are more of a beach fan, go for the temple town of Gokarna. Whatever your preferences are, India will welcome you warmly. The locals in this country are fond of tourists and always there to introduce them to their unique culture.


A place with mind-blowing ancient sights should cost a lot, right? Well, you are wrong! This cradle of history with amazing monuments and sceneries wherever you turn your head will make you feel like a true pharaoh. Add to that the delicious Arabic dishes and the cozy affordable places to stay and now you wouldn’t want to leave, I know.

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The Gambia

After Egypt, while still in Africa you might want to travel further to the south and visit one of the smallest countries on the continent, but equally beautiful and well known for the stunning beaches. Note that your trip won’t stop at sandy beaches only. The Baobolong Wetland Reserve is a natural park where if you catch the sunset you will be mesmerized by the atmospheric birdlife, an image forever planted in your head.

Prague, Czech Republic

Although lately, it has been one of the top visited capitals in Europe, Prague still remains the cheapest. Prepare few Czech Crowns for a hearty meal, and enjoy one of the 90 different decent local beers. The problem at the end will be not having enough time to try them all, not the money. Perfect for leisurely explorations by foot, the city itself is a beauty.


Just to kick-start your wanderlust about this vibrant country, let me tell you about the white-sand beaches. Laying all day on a hammock or savor the best street food in Oaxaca, Mexico will leave you eager to come back for more.
Here your budget will definitely stretch to tacos and tequila, but hey, who has a problem with that?

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