Romanian Ultimate Experience – Top Five Temptations



As one of the most lovely countries in Eastern Europe, Romania charms millions of travelers each year through its picturesque landscapes, matchless culture and history. There are countless motives to visit Romania. Whether you’re looking for climbing mountains, warm waters to dip in, forests to discover or grasslands, international music festivals, this hidden and distinctive country has it all.

Moreover, Romania hoasts some of the most wonderful castles and fortress that were built hundreds of years ago. Below is a brief list of the most stunning places in Romania. I have previously visited some of them and I irrevocably fell in love with this country. Also, discovering Transylvania was a revelation for me. My ten day road trip was too short to see all the places I desired, but I intend to return there to see the rest.

If you plan to visit Romania, I hope that you will find this list valuable:

  1. Mocanita Steam Train

Travelling with this interesting steam train up the valley you fill like you are doing a journey back in time. This steam train seems to be the last one. It crosses several tunnels along the Vaser River, located in the Maramures region. This forest railway from Viseu de Sus is the last in Europe. It is a shame to lose the opportunity to enjoy one special ride through the forest.

From 2007 “Mocanita” belongs to the Maramures Mountains Natural Park, a protected area placed in Romania, in the north part in the Maramures County.

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2.Turda Salt mine

The Turda Salt Mine is in Turda, Cluj County and nowadays is an authentic history museum of salt mining. Visitors can find there an underground lake, a Ferris wheel, and a bowling alley. Therefore, Turda Salt Mine is an underground leisure and amusement park.


3. Voronet Monastery

The Voronet Monastery is a medieval monastery,  in the Romanian village of Voronet, nowadays a part of the town Gura Humorului, and is one of the most famous Painted Monasteries in Bucovina, part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


4. Merry Cemetery from Sapanta

The Merry Cemetery is a cemetery in the village of Sapanta, Maramures County. It is well-known for its colourful gravestones with naïve images and lyriks. If you appreciate dark humour don’t miss this interesting place.


5. Bruckental National Museum

The Brukenthal National Museum is a emblematic edifice for Sibiu. It was built in the late of 18th century, and housed in the palace of Samuel von Brukenthal, who was a Habsburg ruler of Transylvania, around 1790.

The collections were formally opened to the public in 1817, making it the first museum in Romania and Central Europe.


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  1. Nice post! Romania is on my bucket list and I definitely think you’re right the diverse and beautiful landscape goes charm travellers – year round may I add. Voronet Monastery looks absolutely incredible architecturally I’ll make sure I keep it in mind when I finally visit Romania.

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