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Owner of TravelDefinition, travel agent for 10 years, father and husband and passionate photographer.

Day Long Exposure Photography

A few weeks ago, I have written a post about long exposure photography explaining the basics of this technique. A fellow reader has asked me to write also a post about day long exposure...So here...

Travel Can Be Stressful. Try These Ideas To Help Relieve Stress

Travel stress?Many people all over the world love to travel. There is a universal yearning to learn about other cultures, sample different cuisines, and explore classic architecture. There are many tips here that will...

Attica Zoo Park, You Have To See It

The ideal family day trip About 2 years ago, on my daughter's 2nd birthday, we decided to spend the day at the biggest zoo in Athens. Was it worth? Well, this is up to you...

A (Photo)Walk In The Park aka Tritsis Park

Tritsis Park Photo Walk I love urban parks. I love the idea that close to my home there is an area that looks like a forest. Add a lake or something like a river, and...

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I am very happy to say that Danica from this awesome blog has nominated me the Sunshine Blogger Award! What exactly is that? The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to bloggers by other bloggers who are...

Take A Break And Plan The Perfect Trip.

Traveling can be an amazing, wonderful time. You may learn new things, see things you've always wanted to see and maybe only thought about in dreams. Perhaps you will even make some new international friends. In...

Around The World On Your Own Time

What are your personal thoughts on traveling? Do you view everything you can on the subject and try to create your own travel plan? There are numerous resources available such as magazines, videos, books,...

Want Top Tips About Travel? Check Out The Helpful Article Below

Whether you are traveling by boat, plane, car, there are lots of things to think about taking a trip.  Get out your notepad and get ready to write these tips down, because I'm about...

Traversing The Continents With Excellent Travel Tips

Travel is a great way to open up your world. Not only is it a fun experience, it educates you about different cultures and ideas, even in your own country. At the same time,...

Oh, The Places You’ll Go, When You’re Equipped With These Travel Tips!

When you think of travel, do you see it as something that takes a long time to plan which location to the next you will be traveling to? If so, then you have a...

How To Make Plane Flight Travel Be Less Stressful

Traveling can be both entertaining and educational. It opens your mind up in many ways. You have to leave the safety and security of your typical daily environs and open yourself to new things....

My Photo Gear

In this post, I will write about my gear, my camera and the lenses I use as long as and some other accessories. For the last 6 months, I am the lucky owner of one...

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