So, for your very own reasons, you find yourself in Greece.It’s wintertime and you want to feel the winter scent, meaning you want to go the mountain. You want to spend the night in a chalet overlooking the snowy mountain of the area. Having a glass of wine by the fireplace made out of stone… Sounds cool so far? Yeah it does, doesn’t it? Too good to be true in Greece? Wrong!

    That’s why you have to visit a place like Kalavryta especially in winter. Too many things can be said about this village. Kalavryta is widely known in Greece as a popular ski center. It takes you less than 3 hours from Athens by car to reach your destination. It lies in Achaia prefecture built on the hill slopes of Mount Helmos on 750 meters altitude.

    I was fortunate enough to spend six months of my life running a small guest house in the area. That gave me the possibility to live from the inside the everyday life of the inhabitants as being one of them and I loved it. That experience I share with you on this post.

    The main source of income comes from tourism. There are many hotels of different  categories, taverns and bars. You will also find ski equipment stores. The ski center is only 15 minutes driving from the village and the road is quite good.

   It is considered one of the best in the country, having 12 ski slopes for all types of skiers. It is one of the few that you can enjoy other activities like snowmobile riding. There is also a small slope just for sleighs. More info about the ski center regarding the prices you can find here.

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   I used to snowboard on the weekdays. It was not crowded at all and I could get the best out of it. You had this feeling that the whole mountain was at your disposal, just for you.

   The mount of Helmos raises the interest for something else too. Aristarchos is one of the most advanced technological telescopes in Europe. The place was selected as the area has the perfect climatic conditions with no light pollution whatsoever.

   If you fancy a train ride, then Kalavryta is the place to be. The rack railway is one of the most scenic routes that you will ever find in Europe. It starts from the railway station of Diakofto in the seafront and after a distance of 22 km and within 60 minutes it ends in the town of Kalavrita.

   In a few words, an unforgettable journey through the evergreen and incredibly beautiful nature of the Vouraikos Gorge awaits every passenger of this special train

   The trains operate on a daily basis. For more info about the timetables check this. The price is 19 Euro round trip. It is better to book in advance.

   If you are into cave exploring, Kalavryta has something for you too! The cave of the lakes lies about 17 km from Kalavryta. It is a rare creation of nature. Apart from its labyrinth of corridors, its mysterious galleries and its strange stalactite formations, the “Cave of the Lakes” has something exclusively unique that does not exist in other well-known caves. Inside the cave there is a string of cascading lakes forming three different levels that establish its uniqueness in the world. The cost of the ticket is 9 Euros for the adults and 4,5 Euros for the children.

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    Last but not least, the accommodation. There are over 5o lodges in the area to choose from. 4* star hotels like this,  to simple rooms providing just the basic, the choice is yours. Most of the hotels have a fireplace inside the room, a huge advantage if you ask me! I always pick a room with a fireplace if this option in on the table.

  Of course, the area has more to give to its visitors. Every year cycling races take place in the ski center in the off season period, as the terrain is the perfect one for downhill cycling.

  The list of activities is almost endless. You can stay many days in Kalavryta without doing the same thing every day!  There are these guys  that can help you out pretty much with everything in the area.

   Tip of the day: You must drink a coffee and taste the local homemade desserts in the local pastry shops situated in the pedestrian street

   This is, in a nutshell, a preview of Kalavryta. A place that definitely worths your visit and a place to remember.


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  1. Simply beautiful. Living in a tropical country and an archipelago of 7K islands, there’s a lot of nature here, sun and the beaches. But ice is something I am fascinated with. I like the thrill of being in a winter season, but I do not like the cold. I say thrill because I have been to a city where there is winter a few times only. COLD!

    Love the train ride. I can just imagine being in the company of great people and talking while admiring the scenic ride.

  2. Another place to add to my bucketlist! My family and I are actually planning on coming to Greece in 2018. So far the only places that I know we’ll be visiting are Santorini and Athens. I’ll definitely bookmark this for me to research more! Thanks 😀

    • Santorini is one of the most picturesque place in the world…mark my words when you visit us here 🙂

  3. The train journey looks so fabulous. I so badly missed visiting Greece when I was in Europe. Hopefully I get a chance to visit Europe again and hopefully I’ll visit Greece too. And you’ve paintes such a different picture of Greece and it looks like Swiz!!! My feet are itching to travel…

    • Greece has so many aspects that most of the foreigners can not even imagine! Unfortunately it is only known for the sea and the sun…

  4. Oh wow. The fact that this is in Greece makes me want to go. I love Greece. It is my ultimate destination. I want to spend an entire summer there but I know that will never happen but still, its definitely a dream for me. The resort looks amazing but I don’t know if I will survive the cold.

    • With the right equipment everybody can survive the cold…If my wife can survive, everybody can do it!!! 🙂

  5. Hello Giorgos. Like you I also post blogs on unknown Indian destinations. Does Kalavryta have a connection with Greek mythology? I hope it does and if it does please mail be the mythology bit. And one request- can you please enlarge the photos so that the view becomes clearer and adds to the magic of the destination?

    • Photos request done! I enlarged them as you wish! Of course, there is a connection with the mythology! The whole country is full of mythology stories!

  6. Just simply amazing! The view is so breath-taking. I never knew that it snows there, in Greece. Maybe because I only see photos of Greece during summer or whenever there’s sun. I hope you could tell us stories about the places and the mythology behind soon. 😉

  7. What a great looking place! You know, Greece is not the kind of place I associate snow with. I’m not sure why that is! I have experience living in a place and working in a place where visitors come and go, it’s an unforgettable time and everyone should do it at some point!Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow, great place you have, I admit I don’t know how to ski, hahaha, but the place is stunning definitely worthed. It’s great that you own a business in that place, you got a lot of opportunity to gaze the different beautiful sites. You made me want to visit the place. Hopefully in the future

  9. Wow, I’ve lived in a tropical country where we owned a lot of natural scenery and this is another side of the world that I always wanted to experience. I’ll surely penned this place on my bucket list. All the destination you’ve shared were all stunning at their own innate state. The photos are as well so beautiful as it gives justice to the place.

    • Thank you so much! Where is this beautiful place of yours? I ve always wanted to visit a tropical place!

  10. Kalavryta, Greece looks stunning! I’ll surely planned this one on my bucket list, and I’ve always been found of nature and being able to enjoy those surroundings! All the destinations you shared are quite astonishing!

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