Tritsis Park Photo Walk

I love urban parks. I love the idea that close to my home there is an area that looks like a forest. Add a lake or something like a river, and you ‘ve got me for good!

I am lucky enough that a park like that is just 10 mins from my home by car. Actually, it is one of the biggest in Greece (after all we do not have many parks 🙂 )

The Tritsi Park as it is known has a long history of over 200 years. It has been the home to many animals like sheep, horses as long as giraffes!

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It is the ideal place to spend quality time with your family and your friends. Also, it is a wonderful venue to take some really good photos

Sunset in the park.

Time for some photos!

My favorite time for taking photographs is the sunset. The colors in the sky are absolutely breathtaking, especially if there are clouds.

Many years ago, the park used to have a train running up and down the rails. Now there are no trains, just the rails standing there alone.

A view of the rails

If you love to hike, then this is the place for you. You can enjoy the 7 hills that the park has along with its small and picturesque bridges. Remember, there are small lakes in the park!

My favorite bridge in the park

In my last walk, I realized that there is something similar to the Stonehenge! 🙂

OK, maybe I exaggerate a bit, but you can see that there is a slight resemblance!

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Can you see it???

In the middle of the park, there is the big lake. Many birds, actually 168 species according to the Greeks ornithologists have their homes right there. I will make a post regarding the fauna of the park.

A night view of the lake

You will find many subjects to take photo and to be inspired of. One of the most repeated patterns is the leading lines. You will find them everywhere! Like in this photo below

Follow the line!

That is how Tritsis Park looks alike. Do you like to spend your free time in parks like these? Do you have a park close to your home? I would like you to show me some photos of your nearby park 🙂


  1. I love spending time in parks! My favorite park is Central Park in my hometown of NYC, but there are so many wonderful parks around the world. I have never been to Greece, but I’d love to go to Tritsis Park and see the birds for myself.

  2. Love the name of this post haha very clever! I also love finding things that I didn’t even know existed. Your pictures have inspired me to visit this park in the (hopefully) near future!

  3. Interesting so many species of birds. You can definitely make a separate post on that. The 7 hills and the colored bridges are really picturesque and fascinating. Your pictures are really good and the one of sunset is awesome.

  4. Thanks for the inspiration I needed today to get out of the house! I love parks too and with the sunshine we’re having in London I think it’s time to visit one of them!

  5. Ah! Thanks to this post, I’m reminded of how we often end up neglecting the parks in our own city. Should do one of these walks in our city’s lovely gardens.

  6. That is a nice little park. We do have couple of big parks in the heart of city! They are refreshing and rejuvenating. Looking forward to your post on fauna of the park.

  7. I love parks! Excellent for spending some me time and it actually takes your mind off things with simple pleasures of bird songs and falling leaves! some awesome photographs you’ve got here!

  8. I love to spend my evenings and late afternoons in these parks. This one is one of the nicest i have seen though. The photos are quite good, highlighting the beauty of this place

  9. I too love little parks closer home. Its the best way to spend a Sunday evening, if there are no other plans. The rails and those bridges are just picturesque!

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