It has been many days that I wanted to stroll in Athens to take some photos and to show you just a glimpse of our capital. I know that Athens is not the most beautiful city in Europe. Actually, in my opinion maybe is one of the ugliest! But you can not say that has not its pretty spots! So, let’s begin!

One of the most innovative, beautiful and amazing coffee shops in Athens is in the area of Psyrri, the Little Kook. This small but incredible  cafe is located a few steps from Monastiraki metro station and just a few meters from Monastiraki square. It changes the decoration depending the season. These days it is on Christmas mood.

The main building of the Little Kook


It consists of 3 buildings in a small alley. The biggest is in front of you and to your right and left hand, you see the other two ones. The interior design is so awesome, I have not seen it in another coffee shop, and I’ ve been to many in Greece and abroad. Unfortunately, it was so crowded that I could not wait to get inside to take some photos. The specific coffee shop is so popular that most of the days there is a waiting line to get inside!!!

The main structure up ahead and the minors on the right and left


They serve some of the best desserts in Athens, actually, the pieces are huge! You order one and it is enough for 2 (normal!!!) people! Their coffee is just ok, but in this kind of cafes you do not go just for the coffee!

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It is not just a simple coffee shop!


For my next photo, I thought to set my tripod to one of the most well-known spots in Athens: Monastiraki square. I realized that I did not have any photo of mine in the spot! So, I decided to change this!

One of the busiest spots in Athens always crowded


Have you found yourself in Plaka? No? Well you should, next time you will be in Athens. On the footsteps of the Acropolis, it used to be the place where all the craftsmen had their labs during the ancient times. Some they say that the sculptors made statues so vivid and true to the last detail of the body anatomy, that they used to enchain them in order not to walk away!

A small street in Plaka


One of the most famous monuments in Plaka is the Clock of Andronikos in the first century B.C. It used to tell the direction of the wind as well as the time, with the use of a hydraulic mechanism! Amazing you will tell me, but ancient Greeks were capable for many thinks like this!

The clock during the night


One of the characteristics of Plaka is the narrow streets and its colorful, picturesque buildings. Most of them are museums, some are public buildings and some houses (these are the lucky Athenians!!)

I love this street!

After a few minutes of walking, I reached to Syntagma square. Syntagma is the most known square in Greece, as the House of Parliament is located there. It has a beautiful Christmas decoration and of course is one of the most popular meeting points in the city.

Christmas decoration in Athens

The Greek Parliament is among the landmarks of Athens that you should visit at least the exterior. It serves as the Parliament since 1935. The construction began in 1836.

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The Parliament as seen from the Syntagma square


We do have fountains in Athens! Is not like Fontana di Trevi, but it is ours and we love it!

So small but so beautifu!


In Syntagma square there are some of the most luxury and expensive hotels in Athens, like this. It is the preferred hotel for all the celebrities who visit Athens and do not wish to stay in a hotel close to the beach.

My point of view of the hotel


In front of the Parliament, there is the Monument of the Unknow Soldier. It is a shrine dedicated to all the Greek soldiers from antiquity till our modern time that gave their lives for us to be free and alive. Really something to feel proud of. There are Greek soldiers on 24 hours basis who guard this shrine as an homage to the deads.

The soldier on duty


As I was walking towards the metro, I passed outside the Greek Currency Museum and saw a very beautiful yard! I knew I was lucky enough to take that shot! That’s why you carry your tripod!

I love long exposure photos!


One of my favorite spots in Athens is the University of Athens, located to the main avenue of Athens and in a distance of about 500 meters from Syntagma Square. It has the same architecture like the Parliament.

The side view of the University

Next to the University there is the National Library. These 3 buildings give you an idea of how Ancient Athens’ buildings should have been!

The main entrance of the Library

That was all! It was a short walk, it took me around 2 hours on foot. I plan to do a bigger and more complete photo walk of my city. Did you fnd my photos interesting enough? Have you been to these places? I ‘d love to see some photos of yours!

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  1. The photowalk is truly amazing and very informative. Unfortunately I have never been to Athens nor Greece. Now I got another reason to go there!! Can’t wait.

  2. These are great captures of the night scene. The coffee shop that you are talking about, it is so unique and the lights really make it look so much better. BUT having said that, I agree with you. From the photos, I can see why you like the narrow streets of Plaka, and it certainly looks really nice to walk those well paved and well-lighted streets. Looks safe too.

  3. Wow! I spent 5 weeks in Athens last summer because I was volunteering and it looks completely different now. It was hot and plain during the summer. All those Christmas lights make it look really beautiful. I also love Plaka, they have more nice coffee shops there too than in Monastiraki 🙂 This takes me back to wonderful memories. Thanks!

    • You know we have heavy winter in Athens too,it is totally a different Athens at that time! So glad that this brings you nice memories!

  4. Wow, all of your photos are beautiful even if they were taken at night. What camera do you use? I wish to go to Athens. Before, my sight is just limited to going to Santorini but lately I’ve been seeing blog posts like this that show the beauty of Athens and I am now convinced that I should visit this city too.

    • Hi Marge. I use Nikon D700 full frame camera, old camera with no goodies like video, touchscreen, wifi etc, but with an outstanding image quality! I always use tripod hence the good lit pictures. I am actually thinking of making a post about photography tecnique. As I say in my post, Athens is not one of the prettiest cities, but the amount of history that surrounds it makes it even!

  5. Oh wow! Who wouldn’t love to visit Greece? Athens is such a wonderful place, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to visit that in my entire life! Another thing is of course the wonderful photos! You are amazing at taking these lovely shots! I’d love to read a post about photography techniques!

  6. Since at the moment, I’m not very sure about my chances to get to visit Athens, I must say the photos that you’ve posted along with the detaild descriptions, actually worked for me as good as a walk through. Two hours is a commendable effort and the pictures are beautifully captured. Really admire the Soldiers guarding the shrine as a homage. Admire your words there where you mentioned about the fountain and that it may be small but it’s yours. A lot of pride can be seen in those words.

    – Pixellicious

  7. Wow! This photo walk really impressive! I wasn’t aware of it else will be doing it during my last visit to Athens…missed my chance though. Hmm…if I happen to be there again, will definitely join it 🙂 cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  8. I havent ever heard that its not an attractive city… I guess ill have to go myself to find out, but from your pictures it looks pretty nice! How long would you recommend for a city break here?

    • I had to spend some serious quality time to take my photos like this!:) I think that if you want to stick strictly in Athens only, the 3 or 4 days are quite enough to take a taste of the capital. But if you want to visit famous places like Ancient Corinth, Olympia and other places then you should add 2 or 3 days. In total 5 to 7 days is enough just for everything!

  9. I have never been to Athens although I have visited other areas of Greece but it is on the list although I heard that these days it can be quite rough. I absolutely love the photo of the shadow of the solider it is brilliant.

  10. Why, your city looks so beautiful! It is definitely not ugly! Credits to you for bringing us Athens so vividly through your camera.
    Now it is giving me ideas on capturing Delhi.
    By the way, you must visit this Facebook group, Ancient and Pre-historic monuments to introduce your city to the rest of the world.

  11. Ahhh! Beautiful photos! Thank you for giving us a tour of Athens. I hope you can feature some Greek food too as it is something that we Filipinos especially your finest delicacies. There are lots of rising Greek restaurants in Manila too. 🙂

  12. There’s probably nothign more beautiful than a photowalk at such an ancient city. Athens is a dream place for me after everything I read about it. I hope to see it in person and do the same. Just wandering and taking photos will be enough.

  13. Your pictures are amazing!
    I was thinking about going in Athens for a few days but didn’t know what to visit there.
    Your post definitely convinced me to go there 🙂

  14. Wow, you made me want to pack my things now and fly to Athens. Truly, you have a very good skills in photography and your photos speaks so much. I like how you captures every photos that speaks so much of a significant memories. Aside from you write so well, you also owned a good eyes when it comes to art.

    • Thank you, I prefer to go photography alone. I need time in each one of my poses to make the compose I want. Each photo that I posted here have at least 5 or 6 other captures that I was not happy with. So I had to re-compose and take it again.

  15. Your photos are incredibly beautiful! I visited Athens 5 years ago and the city is so photogenic!
    But you know, I haven’t seen so many places that you captured. More reasons to go back to Athens.

  16. Greece (and of course Athens) is high on my list to visit, and Giorgos, you brought it to life! You have a great collection of photographs, and you captured great elements of your city. Good job! I will definitely be in Athens sooner than later!

    • Thank you guys! Drop me a message when you will be here, I ll be glad to meet you and show you around!

  17. So many gorgeous photographs of so many dazzling signings! I have to admit, Plaka spoke to me! It sounds incredible, almost like a step back in time. Completely different from life here in Australia. I hope to one day travel the world, until then I’ll live vicariously through you!

  18. Athens is really one of the scenic cities in the world! What intrigues me more is the mythology that goes along with it. I’m such a person with a special love for history, legends and myths. To have a night photo walk seems so safe there, unlike here in the Philippines. Haha!

    • Hi there! Actually it is safe in some spevific areas, not in all Athens in general, like every city I suppose… 🙂

  19. Wow. Those are some really beautiful shots you managed. I haven’t really been to Athens ever but these pictures want me to really visit the place. Which camera do you use? Any specific technique for clicking pictures?

    • Hi Laveena thanks for the good words! I use a dslr Nikon D700. It is an old camera but it is a living legend! Actually, I am preparing a post regarding some photo techniques!

  20. Athens is on my bucket list! To when i will visit it, i still dont know. But definitely before i die! Kidding! The photos speaks for itself. All were lovely and i think you just captured everything picture perfect in such a lovely and marvelous place..

  21. What a beautiful city! The lights! When I saw it it made me think of my home, the Philippines. Every Christmas our city is bright as well, lights lining windowsills like how the star on Christmas Eve led the shepherds and wise men to Baby Jesus. These photos reminded me of that. I also really like the photo of the guard guarding the dead. I wish our country valued those who had given their lives for the country as much as you guys do. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!

  22. You took some really great photos! I’m glad you shared these because it has shown us a completely different side of Athens. I see it as a really old city with columns and would never imagine it covered in Christmas decorations! I need to work on my night shots, yours are impressive.

    • Thank you Laura! Actually I am setting up a post regarding some photography techniques I use. Stay tuned!

  23. For me, every photo you have shared is so beautiful. the first photo, i believe you said is a coffee shop doesnt look like one? i looks like a some kind of a museum for me. the architecture in athens is very different here in our country. all lovely!

    • Thank you Aika. Yes it is a coffee shop totally different and very picteresque. I just posted an article where I share some photo tips if you want to have a look 🙂

  24. looks lovely with all the Christmas lights I didn’t realise they decorated like this think I might have to go next Christmas to check it out.

  25. Your solider photo is my favourite—with its shadow. I too have heard that Athens is not so pretty, but every big city can provide some interesting photography. Not everything has to be pretty to be enjoyable.

  26. First at all I found your pictures really beautiful and interesting but unfortunately I have never been there! I am sincere to you, Visit Athens and the highlights of Greece is on my bucket list! I just went to Rodhes for holiday but it wasn’t really special! Greece is amazing, full of charm, history, great cuisine and beautiful landscapes and beaches! Thanks for sharing it, 😀

  27. What a gorgeous photo tour! The little tidbits of information like the one about Plaka craftsmen are really intriguing. We went to Greece many years back and seeing this post makes me want to revisit.

  28. That library entrance totally fascinated me when I went to Athens! I have e few shots of it myself. So lovely to see places where I’ve walked. I’d like to go back, and maybe spend more time sightseeing in the evening, I barely did any of that.

  29. That is really impressive photography. You have captured some great night time shots. Would love to know which camera you are using.

    • Hi there! I am using for the last 4 months a Nikon D700. It is a full frame, an old one but really good camera! Which one do you have?

  30. Wow! The place looks gorgeous! Unfortunately I couldn’t visit Athens, actually Greece itself when I was in Europe. Greece is definitely in my wishlist as I’m a sucker for heritage sites and Greece being a heart of a civilization I’d love to visit the place.

  31. I really love the captures, you have. Agreat eye. Athens hace been in my bucket, with Ryanair cheap tickets. For as low as 45€ both ways from Poland but i had no time this year. Your photos convinced me i should do it asap🙂

  32. most of your photos look awesome, with the moods and vibrant colors. 😀 I’m going to do a photowalk this week around a city here in our place, in Binondo/ Chinatown in Manila to be exact. I hope to get as awesome and creative photos like yours here. 😀

  33. The night walk is quite stunning here. The Fontana trevi reminded me of the fountain of Trevi in Rome – though the Roman one was quite elaborate. I definitely think that this night walk brings out a different beauty of Athens and is definitely recommended.

  34. I am not particular with foreign places like Europe but sure Athens isn’t an ugly place. If all these shots featured here are from the said place, well there are worse than these. Anyhow, I love the lights and so as the structures your place has. How I would love to visit different places like this if only I can…

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