The ideal family day trip

About 2 years ago, on my daughter’s 2nd birthday, we decided to spend the day at the biggest zoo in Athens. Was it worth? Well, this is up to you to decide it. Keep on reading to find out… 

It was the 12 of January 2015 when we hit the road to the park. My biggest concern was the bad weather, as I would not be able to take some good shots. In the end of the day, I could say I was lucky enough…

Did you know?

The park was ready in May 2000 and it is a home to more that 2.000 animals. In the beginning, it was supposed to be just a bird refuge but it was growing every year to reach the size it has today. It is about 35 km from the center of the city.

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As it operates every day from 9am till the sun goes down you have plenty of time to see everything you want. Like we did! Many nice things are waiting for you 🙂

Amazing creature

I was lucky at that time to have a lens like this in order to capture some really cool close-ups of the park inhabitants. Unfortunately, I do not own it anymore… 🙁

You will find a plethora of birds of every corner of this Earth…like these adorable guys!

Cute lovers 🙂
Feeling thirsty…

I was amazed by some animals with a hard name that I do not remember right now, like this one…

Attica Zoo Park
I will not forget this look!

We were very lucky to be in time just for the dolphin show! The zoo staff was feeding them and they were kind enough to give us an unforgettable show!

Attica Zoo Park
Spinning around…

I had the feeling that they were posing just for me…

Attica Zoo Park
synchronized swimming

The King of the jungle had the day off apparently, and he did not give us any attention at all. I think he was sleeping the whole day…

Day off??

In a nutshell, this is how we spend the day. Of course, there are much more for you to see.

Have you been to a similar park? Which is the most impressive animal you have seen? Which is the best photo you have taken of this animal?

Ps: All photos are mine

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  1. Zoos are a bit hit and miss for me. I definitely support the conservation side of things, but when animals are kept in captivity in horrid conditions purely for the sake of man’s entertainment, that I don’t agree with!
    This zoo seems to be nice enough though – the animals look like they have plenty of room and are well-treated. Seems like a lovely day out to spend with family!

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