If you are a nature lover and you prefer mountain over the sea during wintertime,  then an excursion in the mountainous area of Corinth is the ideal suggestion for you. Keep reading to find out why.

Destination: Trikala Korinthias. Distance from Athens: 140 km. Driving time: Around 2 hours.

Definitely one of the best destinations to feel the winter chilling atmosphere you need and so close to the capital. It has everything you need. Breathtaking landscapes, a small but beautiful ski center and really nice hotels! About a year earlier I spent 2 days in this amazing location. This is my review.

We departed from Athens early in the morning. The weather was really good and we were in our destination in about 2 hours. Our hotel was situated in a very good and central location so, we did not have any problem finding it. We parked and went to see our room. One of the best rooms I have ever been to was standing in front of me when I opened the door.

Jacuzzi next to the fireplace!


Camelia suites consist of 4 individual rooms, each one with its unique character. We were staying in the Manolia suites, on the upper floor. Great room, not so big but ideal for 2 persons. It felt very warm, maybe because of the thick carpets. The room has two levels. The living room with the fireplace, the jacuzzi, the small kitchen and the bathroom in on the first level and a nice wooden ladder takes you upstairs to the bedroom

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View from the bedroom. Photo from http://www.cameliasuites.gr
The bedroom. Photo from http://www.cameliasuites.gr/


Trikala Korinthias is at an altitude of around 1000 meters, with dense forests of firs and pines. Actually it consists of 3 “neighbohoods”: Lower Trikala, Middle Trikala and Upper Trikala. The truth is that they are so close to each other that sometimes you can not tell to which of the 3 you are if you have not seen the signs! Our hotel, camelia suites is on the middle neighborhood.

The area has many and very good restaurants with traditional Greek plates, representative of the local area and really nice cafes, all of them of course with a big fireplace! One of the most famous landmarks of the area is the Lake Doxa. It is an artificial lake at an altitude of 900 meters. In the heart of the lake on a small peninsula features a small church of Agios Fanourios

Totally foggy day when we were there!

Unfortunately the day we went there the fog was so thick that you could not see in 10 meters distance! It was so annoying because you could not enjoy the glory of the location in all its sublime!

The church of Agios Fanourios inside the mist…
Lake Doxa on a normal day. Photo by http://partetavouna.blogspot.gr/2010/12/blog-post_19.html

There is a very nice off road route to cross the whole area to go from one place to another, so we decided to take advantage of this fact and our car to test the ability of the HONDA CRV to the gravel. It passed my test…!

Something very weird happened this day… The weather was totally like a summer day, high temperatures for the season (beginning of December) and the sky was crystal clear blue. We were very happy because that was unusual at this altitude! As we were approaching and descending for the lake Doxa, we bumped into this fog you saw in the previous pics and we said that ok, the weather was getting worse… We spent about 2 hours to the lake and then we came back to go to the other places we wanted. When we reach an altitude higher than the Lake Doxa, we realized this. The weather was still like summer! There was though a HUGE cloud hovering over the lake! Astonishing!

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Summer weather everywhere and a huge cloud over the canyon of Lake Doxa!

In the same area, there is another lake, the lake Dasiou. That is a small, tiny you can say lake that has water only during the winter months because of the rainfall and snowfall of the mountain Zireia. Either way, it is a wonderful place you should pay a visit to if you find yourself here. Important tip. The lake surface turns into ice during periods with really low temperature! This fact is not so common in Greece!

Check out how thick the ice is!
Frozen pieces of wood by the lake!


As I told you, this lake almost disappears as we move towards the summer

This is how it looks on spring. Photo by http://www.digiwebart.gr/portfolio_page/limni-dasiou1/

That is my short description of 2 wonderful days in the mountain of Trikala Korinthias.

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  1. Wow, Corinth! I’ve always been fascinated by this ancient city, thanks to so many years of reading the Bible. I didn’t know it was just a while away from Athens — interesting. I have always wanted to go to this part of the world, and hopefully I can go with my husband in the near future!

    • Yes, actually the religious tourism has been developed in the last years here in Greece. You can take a trip called “Steps of Paul” and do the same itinerary as Paul has done it back in his days! Going to the same places he has gone, touching the same rocks he has touched! That includes also a cruise on the Aegean Sea as well as the land trip. If you need info about that tell me about, I was working in a travel agency doing this Steps of Paul program 🙂

  2. Wow! The lake is such a beauty. No doubt you had fun. Choosing that place to stay was a good decision. I, too, would be in awe!

    I hope to travel as far as Corinth and enjoy the embraces of my family as we let the snow tickle us.

  3. I love your photos! The photos of the lake looks like they are paintings. Beautiful! Breathtaking! I would love to one day do the Steps of Paul. 🙂 That would be an amazing tour.

  4. First of all, let me compliment you for the photos, they are amazing especially that picture of the foggy lake and the one with the sea of clouds in the mountain. There is no denying that Corinthia is very beautiful. This is like the first time I’ve seen Greece in this setting. All I know of Greece is Athens and Santorini. I think you’ve just shared to us another place worth visiting in that country. I’d love to go there myself.

  5. Oh, this place is awesome indoor or outdoors! Sigh, I don’t really know if we’ll be able to visit as far as Corinth our entire lifetime. I can stay here for a very long time! I love a quiet place. It’s a cool place to stay, reminisce, tak with your loved ones and just have fun!

  6. Oh wow! That was just so amazing! The views are really breathtaking! Someday i wish to travel to this side of the world and see the wonderful handmade creations of God. Truly marvelous! And oh! That Camelia suite is way too luxurious! I love it!

  7. I don’t know which is more stunning — the room or the view! Both are so beautiful! Everything is just so picturesque! It is one of my dreams to travel to Greece, and Corinth looks like a majestic place to visit! Hopefully, my husband and I can go one day.

  8. I am a beach buff but for my next vacation I am looking to visit a hill station. And, I just stamped a closure on that decision after looking at your first picture itself. Its breathtaking. I’m sure I’ll find some similar Indian alternatives closeby. This is simply serene.

  9. OMG! The place looks spectacular and so does your room. I love the provincial design character. Its a great season that you went in I guess. Though there was fog, the view seems good and ice is not much!

  10. Wow this complete trip is stunning. That hotel! I love it. You had a great room. I’m very impressed. And Trikala Korinthias is so beautiful. I love lakes in the mountains. There’s nothing better. I’ve been to the Pyrenees a few times and I love sitting at the lake there. But these lakes are so amazing as well. I’m glad you had a clear blue sky. And that feeling of looking down on a cloud is just incredible!

  11. Wow! Very spectacular view of this place! Your photos are stunning!wish I can be there personally as I love travel too 😉 gonna work smart to earn my traveling fund 🙂 cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  12. Woooo, what photos! But, tell me this- are the mountain roads that smooth that you can do 70 kiolometers/ hour! We can in Himalays manage just 30 kilometers/ hour. I am still waiting for the stories associated with this place which has a Sanskrit sounding name.

    • Yes the roads are actually very good! I ll do it in the near future, I am on holidays right now in Switzerland!

  13. Those photos! Dang, all so cool and alive! I know you had such a wonderful 2 days in this place. And yeah, it’s like summer above the mountain / hill and winter on the lower areas. That happens at most!

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